RangePro 125  Rocket Motor Test Set
RangePro 125 Impulse Meter is designed for highly
convenient field testing of model rocket motors by
professionals, teachers, and advanced modelers.
This test set consists of a lightweight, hand-held readout/controller and a 50 lbf (222 N ) capacity test fixture
with a 25' extendable interconnecting cable. The rocket motor to be tested is mounted in the fixture, the
system is armed and the motor fired. After the burn and delay is complete, the Total Impulse, Burn Time,
and Delay Time is read sequentially from a large, easy-to-read digital display. Information is held until the
system is reset. The equipment is field powered by a 9 to 12V battery or by an optional internal NiCd
battery. Load cell assembly is mounted on sturdy metal base (not shown) and will easily accommodate small
rocket motors from fractional A's thru motors having up to 50 pounds thrust.
Features and specifications of the RangePro Model 125
Load cell thrust range 0.1 to 222 N (50 Lb)
Accommodates motor diameters up to 1.3 inches
Direct Impulse readout from 0.1 to 1000 NS
Direct Burn Time readout from 0.01 to 100 Sec
Direct Delay Time readout from 0.01 to 100 Sec
Accommodates chuffing during burn
Impulse is displayed during motor burn
Load Cell protected from catastrophic failures in all axes
Uses regular range firing system, senses initial thrust
Made in U.S.A. with highest quality components
Includes 25' interconnecting cable and 12' battery cable
Simple adjustment for different motor diameters
Internal Battery Option
Control unit may be purchased alone and will work with any standard 350 ohm load cell. Load cell unit -
LC125, may be purchased alone for use with the RangePro 1000 or other electronics.

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Analog Output Option