Range Pro Rocket Motor Analyzers
High Tech Rocketry is managed by veteran rocketeers and engineers with a history of
designing and fabricating rocket accessories and testing equipment. Presently, two portable  
test sets are offered, the RangePro 125 and the RangePro 1000. The Model 125 is a
venerable instrument designed to test model rocket and the lower end of high-power rocket
motors. The RangePro 1000 is intended for model, high power, amateur, and professional
use. Both instruments are ideal for school demonstrations, clubs, selection of optimum motor
batches for rocket event competitions, NAR and FAI certification, motor development, and
manufacturing quality control. Our instruments have been in use for many years and have a
proven history of accuracy and long term reliability. In addition to the two portable test sets,
we build and design test equipment to meet any special requirements. Please inquire at:  
RangePro 1000 Specifications
RangePro125 Specifications
High Tech Rocketry
Typical plot from RangePro 1000 DAQ software
For use with RP125 or RP1000