A real time saver, the classic "Rose" Fin Jig has
served NAR competitors, members of the U.S.
Spacemodeling Team, and many other rocket
enthusiasts for the past 25 years.
With the Fin Jig, awkward manipulation of fins to
hold them in place is eliminated. They are
accurately positioned and attached in only a few
Fillets can be applied immediately and are
perfectly shaped by gravity while the fins and
rocket body are at the correct angle. The job of
attaching fins to boat-tailed rocket bodies, e.g. FAI
styles, is made much easier.
Adjustments are conveniently made for fins of less
than 1/64 in. to over 5/16 in. thickness. They can
be mounted on a rocket body to within 1/4 degree
using the 360 degree precision dial. Any number
of fins that fit around the body tube are readily
Automatic stops are 120 degrees apart. All other
settings can be locked. Root edges of thick fins
can be shaped to closely fit the body tube for
stronger holding.
Besides mounting fins, the Fin Jig is used to attach boost glider
motor mounts to pylons, position scale model features, cut fin slots,
and similar functions. Works with body tubes to 3 in. dia.
Flights of rockets with accurately mounted fins are noticeably
straighter and higher than those with misalignments.   
The Fin Jigs are individually, hand fabricated in the USA from
aluminum and stainless steel, providing many
years of trouble-free
Auxiliary Arm is available for larger span fins
Precision Fin Jig
Quickest and Easiest Fin Attachment